Project development calls for great expertise and considerable stamina. The first aspect requires knowledge and experience. The second demands patience and foresight.

At Tora, we have both which enables us to drive exactly the change our world needs: towards more renewable energy.

Our aim is to be leaders in this change. We are specialists in the evaluation, planning, implementation and sale of wind, photovoltaic and hybrid projects. We develop our own projects and provide contract planning for third parties. We develop community energy models, create financial models, and provide support in merger and acquisition processes, setting up asset management projects and power purchase agreements.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. Theres only one thing thats new: our company. ToRa. The power you need. The change you want.


Tomke Heinen

University diploma in Economics and Administration, MA in Business Management, worked in the industry for many years in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, project costing, data analysis, project controlling, financial modelling. Last stop before Tora: ITEC International GmbH (subsidiary of enercity Erneuerbare GmbH). Founded Tora in 2020.