We don’t build castles in the air.
We help build renewable energy on the ground.

Project development calls for great expertise and considerable stamina. The first aspect requires knowledge and experience. The second demands patience and foresight. At Tora, we have both – which enables us to drive exactly the change our world needs: towards more renewable energy. This the change we want to achieve.

So what distinguishes us from others? We assume full responsibility from the word go – we’re not in this to make a quick profit. Our projects are conservatively calculated because we believe that green energy has to be profitable in the long run. The factors that count are long-term investment, establishing stable local partnerships and realistic planning.

Everything we do is based on this vision – and everyone involved benefits from it: landowners, local authorities and entire regions. Businesses and energy suppliers who buy their green energy from us. And, ultimately, the environment and future generations.

Commitment to building the future.

ToRa has a stable financial foundation based on long-term liquidity – without loans to pre-finance our projects, with no venture capital from ToRa shareholders.

These three strong pillars have convinced our capital providers:

– A core staff consisting of a highly coordinated team of seasoned experts, each with over 20 years of experience in all areas of successful, profitable project planning.

– The networks we have built over the past 25 years give us quick access to high-value projects that enjoy broad political and public support.

–  We have the ideal partner in EBL (Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland): conservative in their approach but at the same time willing to implement highly innovative projects.

Sustainable prospects for local authorities.

The future of a region begins with the community. The future of a community begins with ToRa.

We know that switching to renewable energy is a gradual process, and that its beginnings are always local. It takes successful local change to create a perspective for the people who want to continue to live in their native region. Only projects that can be controlled autonomously by the community or local authorities will actually deliver direct and indirect location advantages.

This is why we are deeply committed to engaging with the communities where the projects are implemented. We believe in transparency, solid finances and good partnerships: the integration of all stakeholders and truly open communication are essential for the successful development and implementation of a project – and to ensure the full satisfaction of all parties involved.

We also know that many of the sites for renewable energy projects have locational disadvantages, have a traditional focus on farming or agriculture, or are affected by structural change. Very often, forward-looking projects fail to achieve what they set out to do. At ToRa we have the answer: projects that are realistic. And promises we keep.