Power that takes us higher:
We turn wind into electricity.

Renewable, clean and in endless supply: wind is the energy source of the future. At ToRa we’re letting our customers tap into it now.

From a new wind park to repowering existing plants, from wind in the forest to wind power on brownfield sites: we develop and deliver the entire project from a single source. We identify and secure new locations and leverage the potential of conversion sites. We handle tenders, application, approval and bidding procedures. We supervise execution and construction right up until the moment the project becomes fully operational. We take over existing projects and launch new ones – and we supervise the planning and construction all the way through until the moment the new plant is switched on.

What counts for us is to ensure a good, seamless cooperation built on trust with all stakeholders. We listen to the concerns and wishes of landowners and communities, we take into account the interests of neighbours, for instance by developing community energy projects.  And by conducting environmental impact assessments, we ensure that nature’s rights are respected.

ToRa. We’re breathing fresh air into the transition to renewable energy.



Schipkau municipality, Brandenburg

Location: a former brown coal mining area. The municipality became co-owner of the land through a refinancing concept.

Project: wind turbines (WTGs) in three construction phases between 2015 and 2019. Capacity: around 140 MW in total

The project planning and construction took place with the significant participation of Ralf Heinen, Tomke Heinen, Alexander Brand and Peter Siemer.

1st construction phase: 27 Vestas V112, 3.3 MW – three in the forest

2nd construction phase: 5 Vestas V112, 3.3 MW – wind in the forest

3rd construction phase: 10 Vestas V117, 3.45 MW – wind in the forest

Introduction of a community power model


Milower Land municipality, Brandenburg

Location: Möthlitz in Brandenburg

Project: 5 wind turbines (WTGs) Vestas 90 with an output of 2.0 MW each – delivering power for 5000 households. Operation in 2012.

Construction: Ventotec, EBL