Because sharing brings happiness:
community energy projects.

Green energy generated by the power of the sun or the wind can provide an incredible boost to the development of communities and regions by creating long-term employment. It is also a source of dependable revenue in the form of annual payments per kWh of power. This income can be used in many ways that directly benefit the people in the community, e.g. funding for school lunches or subsidies for rooftop solar panels.

In community energy projects the revenue is shared among all residents of the municipality who have lived there for a pre-defined period of time. The payment is made once a year and is distributed through a trust agreement, a simple and unbureaucratic method that accommodates all interests.


  • The municipality receives an annual payment of 0.2 cents/kWh or 2 euros/MWh.
  • The annual yield of a solar park is about 144 MWh net; this results in annual income of about €288,000 for the municipality, which flows into the community energy project.
  • With a population of 3,700, this means an annual payment of just under €78. A household with 4 people would receive €312, which significantly reduces the annual electricity bill.

The community energy projects for municipalities can be requested directly from ToRa GmbH.