As fundamental as the sun and the wind:
our network.

At ToRa, we not only harness the power of nature – we are also backed by a solid network of experts, local authorities, institutions and energy suppliers. With their expertise and our incredible energy, we develop wind and solar power projects across Europe. Our projects not only unite nature and technology, they also bring together people who share a common vision: to generate power for tomorrow’s world.

From project acquisition to addressing political committees, project planning and implementation: we have a very broad network of contacts which we cultivate. We are familiar with the needs of the various interest groups, including agriculture, local administration, nature conservation associations and landowners, and we mediate and constructively shape the cooperation between all parties involved.

It is a significant responsibility, but it is one we are proud to take on. It is also a cornerstone of our success – and has made us one of the most sought-after partners in the market.