Irreplaceable for us all:
Mother Nature and her children.

Mother Nature is always the starting point for our work. For example, when we collaborate with landowners and local authorities to identify areas that are suitable for wind or solar projects.

We pay particular attention to the environmental sustainability and the potential consequences of a wind or photovoltaic system, starting with the microcosm in the soil and extending all the way up to the inhabitants of the skies.

We ensure that flora and fauna are protected, and we also help nature get back on its feet by mitigating or even overcompensating for areas through ecologically sensitive use that avoids sealing soil surfaces.

Our projects involve creating new flower meadows on the project areas, creating woodland mitigation areas and we promote reforestation. All of these measures help to conserve and promote the diversity of flora and fauna – and provide new habitats for breeding birds, insects and other wildlife.

That said, any renewable energy project must also satisfy local residents and neighbours in the long term. This is something we are particularly committed to: we provide information and clarification, and we develop solutions that benefit everyone – for example, with innovative community energy models.

If there’s one thing we embrace at Tora, it’s that those who rely on nature to generate energy must respect it – also as a human habitat.