Indispensable – but not out of reach:
solar and wind energy.

The sun and wind are the energy sources of the future. They lessen our dependency on fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal, and our reliance on the companies and countries that supply them. They are the only energy sources we can use to actively combat climate change – and which are available to us in unlimited quantities.

The German government’s amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (the “Easter Package”) gives the transition to renewable energy a vital boost: the amendment stipulated that the expansion of renewable energy is “in the overriding public interest and serves public safety.” By 2030, the share of renewable energy in gross electricity consumption is to increase to at least 80 per cent, and by 2035 all electricity generation is to be made practically greenhouse-neutral while global warming is to be limited to 1.5° C.

The package of measures includes the extensive promotion of renewable onshore and offshore energy. Among other things, new areas are to be made available for the expansion of photovoltaic systems, low-wind sites are to be developed more intensively and the participation of municipalities in wind and solar energy is to be expanded.

ToRa are experts for the implementation of these ambitious but absolutely crucial measures. We want to be a driving force in the transition to renewable energy – and we know that we can be – together with our network, our cooperation partners and with everyone who wants to make a contribution to a future that is worth living in.

We know that renewable energy is absolutely indispensable – but not out of reach.

Infographic “Electricity price composition 2022 [as of 1 July, without EEG levy]” by