Better together.
Stronger together.

Solid projects need a rock solid foundation. That’s why we collaborate with dependable and experienced partners in all the projects we handle: partners who are not only a good match for ToRa, but also a great match for the requirements of the project in question.

Because every project is tied to the original partner and its financing concept right from the start and for the long term, our partner of choice is EBL in Switzerland. This partnership guarantees the greatest possible security and seamless cooperation as both sides have a long-term vision rather than aiming to sell the project to optimise tax benefits or maximise profits.

We are always open to other possibilities: one option is for ToRa to operate the plant with landowners and selected private investors.

We have big plans: our partner EBL

We have EBL (Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland) as the ideal partner – value-oriented in their approach but at the same time willing to implement highly innovative projects.