Renewable energy has a shining future.

At ToRa, we have a plan.

At Tora, we’re all about generating power for the future. We project manage, plan and build photovoltaic and wind energy plants in Germany and Europe.

In all we do, we bring together our considerable experience and expertise, the latest technology and sound finances. We harness the skills, innovative spirit and passion of our strong team. And we bring in our broad network of partners who work with us to turn plans into reality: local authorities and federal states, energy suppliers, institutions, investors and highly specialised service providers.

We are part of the transition to renewable energy – our projects create promising prospects for landowners, communities and entire regions. And, just as importantly, we never lose sight of what’s good for the environment and people. For us, project management means not only thinking about the future – it also means keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. There’s only one thing that’s new: our company. ToRa. The power you need. The change you want.

The founders and managing directors Tomke and Ralf Heinen

Renewable energy – an opportunity for landowners, communities and regions.

The future of a region starts with the community. The future of a community starts with ToRa.

Wind and sun work for us.
We work for you.

Renewable energy sources are our future. Let the wind and the sun work for you – and us.