Individual strengths.
A dynamic team.

It takes expertise in a broad array of fields if you want to switch the world to renewable energy. Our team at ToRa has all this expertise – plus the experience amassed in years of working in the industry. We act and plan as dynamically and flexibly as the decisions require, and we’re great believers in flat hierarchies and short lines of communication.

At ToRa, we’re not just about energy plants – we’re equally invested in people: colleagues, partners and services providers, landowners and neighbours, and all those responsible in administration and local authorities.

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Tomke Heinen, Founder and Managing Director

Tomke Heinen holds a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in business management with a focus on corporate finance. In the renewable energy sector, she has 15 years of experience in project costing, data analysis, financial modelling, project controlling, M&A and due diligence. From the very beginning, her focus has been on photovoltaics and wind energy. She founded ToRa in 2020 and is the company’s managing director.

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Ralf Heinen, Founder

Ralf Heinen’s focus is on technical planning and project management. His career began in 1995 at the surveying and planning office ITEC, working on an Enercon project in Bunde/Lower Saxony, where he calculated and planned the complete grid connection. The company developed into a full-service provider for the acquisition and project planning of large-scale wind farms and was integrated into a group of companies operated by an equity investor and fund initiator in 1999. After its dissolution and sale to Stadtwerke Hannover (2017), Ralf Heinen was appointed managing director of Enercity Erneuerbare Energien.

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Peter Siemer, Finance/HR

Peter Siemer is responsible for operational finance and internal accounting in finance and cost controlling. His tasks include planning, coordinating and controlling these areas, procurement and evaluation of information, and the provision of models and decision-making aids for management. In human resources management, Peter Siemer is also the main contact person for all employee matters, alongside Marianne Kloppenburg.

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Alexander Brand, Project Development Wind Energy and Solar

Alexander Brand has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been working in project planning since 2001. At ToRa, he is responsible for project development and for process management through to the completion of the plant. His tasks include preparing site analyses and planning concepts, contractually securing land and assessing project risks. He also advises on approval processes.

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Marianne Kloppenburg, Executive Assistant/HR

Marianne Kloppenburg is a paralegal and notary’s assistant. She has worked as an executive assistant for over 10 years. At ToRa, she is the communication interface to customers, business partners and colleagues and the contact person for the coordination of business transactions and scheduling with business partners. In addition, she supports the project development department with the preparation of presentations and coordination.

Stephanie Budde, Assistant/Legal Affairs

Stephanie Budde is a paralegal and notary’s assistant. She has been providing active support in legal and contractual matters for over 10 years, contributing her expertise in company law. She is in charge of parcel and land register matters, and handles the preparation of deeds and commercial register affairs.

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Rainer Bültjer, IT

Rainer Bültjer worked in the IT sector for over 15 years. As IT administrator at ToRa, he is the go-to person for technical issues and is responsible for all technical IT jobs.

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René Marko, Acquisitions and Project Development

René Marko is a certified industrial and trade supervisor for electrical engineering and holds a state certificate in business administration. Throughout his professional career and as a network operator of energy supply networks he has acquired substantial expertise. With his excellent network, he plays a key role in supporting project development, the acquisition of new projects and liaising with local communities and authorities. His core responsibility is to acquire new business and maintain long-term customer and business relationships to strengthen our company.

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Simon Löbel, Project Development

Simon Löbel is a trained electronics technician for devices and systems and recently successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in energy systems and drive technology. At ToRa, he works alongside Alexander Brand in project planning and is responsible for project development as well as for controlling project processes through to completion. His tasks also include the creation of CAD plans.


Malte Hasseler, apprentice

Malte Hasseler started his professional career on August 1, 2023. He is completing an apprenticeship as an office management assistant at ToRa GmbH. Before starting his apprenticeship, he attended secondary school and subsequently graduated from the vocational school in Leer with a secondary school leaving certificate 2.

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Dennis Kempen, dual student

After successfully completing his A-levels in July 2023, Dennis Kempen became enthusiastic about project development in the field of renewable energies during an extensive internship, so that from 01.08.2024 he will complete a dual course of study in industrial engineering and sustainable development at ToRa in cooperation with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

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Pau Canyelles, Land Acquisitions and Project Development
Location Mallorca

Pau Canyelles, a native Mallorcan, is strengthening our Mallorca location and is working in the area of land acquisition and project planning. He is responsible for examining and evaluating suitable areas for photovoltaic projects with initial contact with the landowners. His tasks include the contractual securing of properties and the preparation of site analyses.

Dax and Max

The faithful companions of the ToRa in sunny and stormy times!

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In loving memory of our longtime companion.

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